A couple or two friends required to manager our Hostel from April to June

Hello everyone! Myself and my husband run a really fun and chill Hostel in Fortaleza, Brazil. Fortaleza is a sunny city with lots to do. The Hostel is located 5 minutes from the most famous beach here, Beira-Mar.
We have been working really hard for months now, we have put a lot of our souls and energy into this place. We really enjoy meeting new people from around the world, having drinks with our guests and making sure they have the best time ever at our little Hostel.
We need more time outside of the Hostel to start working on exciting new projects. As we basically work 24/7, the idea is to have either two friends or a couple come and work here for a little while. A pair of you is better so you guys would be able to take breaks and work together as a team. Someone hopefully you are very comfortable with because the atmosphere at the hostel would be based on your energy. We are also willing to talk with someone who just wants to work on their own as well! Of course we would have other staff other than just the managers, generally volunteers who are staying here for an extended period of time.
Please, don't hesitate to email us ([email protected]) if it sounds like a dream to you! We will happily reply with compensation details!

Jamily and Alex




Job first posted: 21 March 2015