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Favela Experience hostel from the top

This month’s Member Spotlight is on Adam Newman and his truly unique hostel, Favela Experience. Many of us come into the industry with some level of altruism. Adam didn’t just take this to heart, he ran with it, to the tune of 40% profits going back to the local community. His hostel in Rio de...


Our next online panel discussion is Wed. May 24th @ 14:00 UTC. The topic this month is Staff Outings, Team Building, & Morale. Do you do any type of outside team building or staff activities? Are you interested in learning about experiences with questions such as:What types of activities...

Picture of wooden wall or door with Time for Change sign and open sign

Part 1 of this blog was the prep work for getting your hostel running seamlessly. So by now you’ve identified your systems, outlined procedures, and have sent your staff off into the sunset to run the place magically, with unicorns galloping in the halls. That’s how this works, right?  ...

Picture of silver gears and cogs

Well run hostels don’t just happen. Even with a strong staff and an enthusiastic manager, a hostel can easily run downhill if there are no dedicated steps in place to ensure its success. Any situation- a business, a classroom, even a family- thrives because of established systems and procedures....

Infographic of chain hostels and independent hostels

Have you ever wondered why chains are more popular amongst hotels than hostels or thought about whether your hostel should ever join a chain? Any guest can perceive the difference between staying at a chain versus independent accommodation. To some, chains feel familiar and dependable. To others,...

Lego man sweeping

This panel discussion was on the topic of volunteers & work exchange in hostels. All panel discussions take place online via Google Hangouts, and are both streamed live & recorded for later viewing. This panel took place Wednesday, May 3rd. The recording is below.  The...

Ruamoko Hostel crowdfunding

This month’s Member Spotlight is showcasing Matt White, one of the founders of the soon to be Ruamoko Hostel in Nicaragua. After years of dreaming, Ruamoko received initial investment to get the ball rolling. Now they are about to launch a huge crowdfunding campaign this Thursday! The campaign goes...

Arm reaching through the computer for money

What is crowdfunding?Crowdfunding is a way of receiving capital or investment for a business or idea, from many people, in exchange for some type of discounted or valuable perk. Crowdfunding can benefit both those starting a business or expanding an established one. It can also be used for a...

Funny frog with a suitcase looking lost

What happens when you want to open a hostel in your perfect location, but that happens to be a place that isn't very well known? What are some of the challenges you face operating a hostel in a non-tourist area? More importantly, how do you get over these issues?Come find out the answers to these...

The MAX Hostel colorful logo

Hostels are a lot of things, but overwhelming should not be one of them. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, whether you are the traveler or the host.  Blindly picking out a hostel off a long list can be daunting. Hopefully there are also photos & reviews to help with the...

Hostel Management wants your opinion

If you are a hostel owner or manager who is frustrated by the solutions currently available to accept direct bookings on your website, we’d like to hear from you.   Hostel Management has been developing an affordable and highly customizable booking engine to help hostels receive more...

Grampas Hostel sign in Wroclaw Poland

Join us for the Hostel Management Unconference in Wroclaw, Poland!  Take advantage of this opportunity to network with fellow hostel owners and managers and discuss the issues that matter the most to all of us.  Share your own knowledge and learn from the experience of others. Who:...