• Guests at the reception of Wombats Hostel in Vienna
    Hostel Reception
    Photo courtesy of Wombats Hostel
  • Futuristic Pod like bed design at Matchbox Hostel Singapore
    Hostel Design
    Photo courtesy of Matchbox Hostel
  • Cabarete Beach Hostel Construction
    Hostel Construction
    Photo courtesy of Cabarete Beach Hostel
  • Hostel Deep Cleaning at Pacific Tradewinds Hostel in San Francisco
    Hostel Cleaning
    Photo courtesy of Pacific Tradewinds Hostel
  • KMC Infotech Fire Alarm System For Hostel
    Hostel Safety
    Photo courtesy of KMC Infotech

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Logo of Snapchat for webinar video tutorial

If you think creating videos is overwhelming and time consuming, you're not alone. Luckily for you, it's also not true! While there are plenty of ways to spend a lot of money and energy on professional quality video content, hostel budgets and constraints don't often fall into those possibilities....

four padlocks locked together in multiple colors

Between staff, guests, and outside visitors, all hostels face issues of security. There is a wide range of both the potential threats a hostel may face, as well as what to do about them, but there are also some pretty basic measures that any hostel can take. This blog will be split into two...

Hands holding a smartphone showing video

It’s no secret that vivid, fresh content is an instant boost to any website or business, and hostels are no exception. At a minimum, most people usually get some decent photos up, but video is also crucial to taking your visual marketing to the next level. It’s fun, easy to digest, and incredibly...

Hostel receptionist interview

The team that you put in place to run your hostel is arguably the most important key to your success.  Here are some tips on interviewing candidates to make sure you hire the right people for your team.Each of us has our own list of things that we really want to find out during the interview...

Picture of hostel manager and traveler Josh Lomon

This month's Member Spotlight is for subscriber Josh Lomon, an avid traveler and hostel industry enthusiast. He began traveling at 24 after 3 years of a serious career in public relations, and thought he would go away for 1 year. In a story familiar to many of us, he ended up going for 7 which...

Red squishy stress ball with angry face

As I said in my previous post, there are numerous ways to combat management stress and make life easier for both you and your staff. That post offered a few solutions for you, but what about your staff? Maybe you’re thinking ‘Wait, what? I have the stress, not them!’, or something along those lines...

Hotel Bed

The travel research firm Phocuswright will be hosting a webinar about trends in the hostel market on Thursday, 30 June, 2016.Hostels Reimagined: Key Trends Shaping the Global Hostel MarketplaceFrom the webinar description:“For travelers and industry insiders alike, the term "hostel" brings to mind...

RateIntelligence calendar

Booking .com have released their RateIntelligence tool to accommodation providers worldwide.  This tool allows hostels to get instant information about demand for their market and monitor competitor pricing.From Booking’s announcement:“BookingSuite announced the global release of...

Hostel Management Home Page

Major changes have been happening at HostelManagement.com to make the site even better and more useful for the hostel community! We are very proud of the improvements and excited to share these changes with you. What Changed?Some of the biggest changes we have made so far include:...

dorms.com logo

A few weeks ago, Dorms.com reached out to HostelManagement. Coincidentally, this same week I discovered that the hostel I manage, Pacific Tradewinds, was listed on there. I was already curious about them, so I jumped at the chance to find out more details about this new booking platform and how it'...

hostel marketing panel discussion

Event:  Online Panel Discussion: Marketing Date:  23 Mar 2016 Location: Google Hangouts OnlineOur Hostel Marketing Virtual Panel Discussion.Watch it here: We have some great participants who will be discussing forms of marketing beyond OTAs: blogging, SEO,...

Stress Management Hit Head Here Sign

So you’re onto your 2nd glass of Jameson, and it’s only 4:00 on a Tuesday. No judgement, but if that has anything to do with the stress of managing people, I’d read this blog as you sip. As I said in my previous post, there are many factors that can contribute to this stress. So what can you...