• Fauzi Azar Inn courtyard in Israel
    November Unconference, Nazareth, Israel

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smiley face ratings

What do you think about the possibilities of hostels rating guests and using blacklists? Is it fair? Is it smart? Is there a darkside to this; can it be manipulated badly?We'll be discussing this and more in our upcoming panel discussion. We've gathered a diverse group of panel owners with...

yha new forest hostel opening

£700,000 investment for New Forest Youth HostelYHA New Forest, the latest youth hostel to have the magic wand treatment by the leading youth charity, has been declared open by YHA Ambassador and British athlete and adventurer Sarah Outen MBE.The 57-year-old hostel has had a £700,000...

hand signing contract with pen

As our first post in this series pointed out, whether to buy or lease your hostel is a question that consistently comes up on the Hostel Management forum, Facebook group, and in general conversation. To help our members better understand their options, we have created a series of posts with...

red cartoon house with key going in

Whether to buy or lease your hostel is a question that consistently comes up on the Hostel Management forum, Facebook group, and in general conversation. There’s a LOT to consider when making this decision, and no two situations are the same. To help you navigate these tricky waters, I...

A person throwing away a paper notebook for hostels

We received the question below from Joyce Brouwer at Hostel Ani & Haakien in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, about internal staff communication.  “Hello! I have a question about internal communication with staff. How do you guys communicate and how do you deal with little details that...

hostel ativity board wooden days of week events

So much of a traveler’s impression of a hostel is linked to the activities they experienced during their stay. When you talk to a backpacker about their favorite hostel, they’ll likely dive into a story of an epic hike, a delicious meal, or a big night out with their newly made hostel...

mychichostel booking site picture

MY CHIC HOSTEL.COMTHE FIRST ONLINE BOOKING SITE SPECIALIZED IN LUXURY HOSTELSLong considered as the poor sector of hotel and tourism, the hostels industry is experiencing a profound change. It’s in this movementthat mychichostel.com falls within, the first site for the booking of luxury...

hostel managers at unconference

There are many hostel lovers who fantasize about owning one themselves, though few will ever try. Owning a hostel involves a lot of work, and although they can be lucrative when successful, there are probably easier ways to get rich. The time and effort required to own a great hostel are, and...

A privacy door tag hanging from a hostel room

During our Hostelling Across America Road Trip, Byron Bunda and I encountered many hostels that were increasing their private room selection. Many owners said they had noticed an increased demand for these rooms, especially from couples and groups of friends. Upon further examination, it turns out...

Spam with a cancel circle over it.

We have been getting complaints recently from many of our members about spammers who are now using the HostelManagement.com internal messaging system to send spam. We regret the inconvenience these spammers have caused to our members and want to let you know the steps we have taken to deal with...

woman holding phone in hand by laptop

How many times have you opened up your computer to do something legitimate and suddenly found yourself on Facebook to just check it quickly? Even more relatable I'm sure: how many times has ‘quickly’ turned into a half hour out of nowhere? Even those of us with the best self-control can...

Ana Svanidze Fabrika Hostel & Suites / Manager

This month’s Member Spotlight is showcasing Ana Svanidze and the truly amazing hostel she manages, Fabrika Hostel & Suites in Tbilisi, Georgia. Between the history, art & design, and multiple collaborative concepts incorporated into a hostel, I was blown away when I first stumbled...