• Guests at the reception of Wombats Hostel in Vienna
    Hostel Reception
    Photo courtesy of Wombats Hostel
  • Futuristic Pod like bed design at Matchbox Hostel Singapore
    Hostel Design
    Photo courtesy of Matchbox Hostel
  • Cabarete Beach Hostel Construction
    Hostel Construction
    Photo courtesy of Cabarete Beach Hostel
  • Hostel Deep Cleaning at Pacific Tradewinds Hostel in San Francisco
    Hostel Cleaning
    Photo courtesy of Pacific Tradewinds Hostel
  • KMC Infotech Fire Alarm System For Hostel
    Hostel Safety
    Photo courtesy of KMC Infotech

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Black Sheep Hostel Sitting Room

Following an established tradition, we will be holding an informal HostelManagement.com Meet-Up in Killarney, Ireland at the end of January 2017!When: – Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 January, 2017Where: – The Black Sheep Hostel Killarney, IrelandWho: – Any member of the HostelManagement.com community...

Picture of wrists tied together for human trafficking

A girl checks in with an older man while averting eye contact with the receptionist. A guest at the hostel bar doesn’t seem to know basic information like what city she’s in. One guy seems to answer for another when he’s asked questions. Are these just weird guests, or a sign of a bigger problem?...

Backpackers from around the world hanging out

There are probably as many reasons for travel as there are excuses as to why you can’t go to your in-laws for dinner next weekend. The same goes for reasons why some of us devote our life’s work to encouraging and facilitating travel. However, I’d like to think that at the core of it, we are all...

Boy with smartphone and several functions

With technology changing the way we do nearly everything, from buying groceries to finding a life partner, there’s been both trepidation and anticipation to see how it would influence budget travel. Using an app to find something or get a travel tip doesn’t necessarily seem to fit in with the...

Hostel Staff Party in Cluj 2016

Following the proud tradition of International Hostel Staff Meetings, this year's hostel staff gathering will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 7-9 November, 2016!What’s this? A gathering of any and all hostel staff members for fun and bonding with your industry colleagues from around the...

people sitting at a table in cancun discussing the hostel industry

This online panel discussion will focus on the use of technology by hostels, specifically with apps such as gloqon or hostelite. We have gathered panelists from both the technology creation side as wel as the hostel operator perspective. Time: 16:00 GMT/UCTDate: Monday, 12 September 2017All...

Logo of Snapchat for webinar video tutorial

If you think creating videos is overwhelming and time consuming, you're not alone. Luckily for you, it's also not true! While there are plenty of ways to spend a lot of money and energy on professional quality video content, hostel budgets and constraints don't often fall into those possibilities....

The two travelers starting Podstel Hostel

This month’s Member Spotlight is showcasing Daniel Beaumont and Sam Cooper. These are the two ambitious souls behind Podstel, a hostel concept that combines travel and education to create positive change. What an incredible concept! We all know that travel has the power to change people, and is...

A video surveillance camera image

As the previous blog post pointed out, staff, guests, and outside visitors all pose potential security issues for hostels. Part 1 dealt with security precautions a hostel can implement against dishonest staff or outside threats. In this post we will cover some basic ideas for keeping your guests...

four padlocks locked together in multiple colors

Between staff, guests, and outside visitors, all hostels face issues of security. There is a wide range of both the potential threats a hostel may face, as well as what to do about them, but there are also some pretty basic measures that any hostel can take. This blog will be split into two...

Hands holding a smartphone showing video

It’s no secret that vivid, fresh content is an instant boost to any website or business, and hostels are no exception. At a minimum, most people usually get some decent photos up, but video is also crucial to taking your visual marketing to the next level. It’s fun, easy to digest, and incredibly...

Unfriendly Scary Receptionist at Hostel Front Desk

The team that you put in place to run your hostel is arguably the most important key to your success.  Here are some tips on interviewing candidates to make sure you hire the right people for your team.Each of us has our own list of things that we really want to find out during the interview...