• Guests at the reception of Wombats Hostel in Vienna
    Hostel Reception
    Photo courtesy of Wombats Hostel
  • Futuristic Pod like bed design at Matchbox Hostel Singapore
    Hostel Design
    Photo courtesy of Matchbox Hostel
  • Cabarete Beach Hostel Construction
    Hostel Construction
    Photo courtesy of Cabarete Beach Hostel
  • Hostel Deep Cleaning at Pacific Tradewinds Hostel in San Francisco
    Hostel Cleaning
    Photo courtesy of Pacific Tradewinds Hostel
  • KMC Infotech Fire Alarm System For Hostel
    Hostel Safety
    Photo courtesy of KMC Infotech

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The MAX Hostel colorful logo

Hostels are a lot of things, but overwhelming should not be one of them. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, whether you are the traveler or the host.  Blindly picking out a hostel off a long list can be daunting. Hopefully there are also photos & reviews to help with the...

Funny frog with a suitcase looking lost

What happens when you want to open a hostel in your perfect location, but that happens to be a place that isn't very well known? What are some of the challenges you face operating a hostel in a non-tourist area? More importantly, how do you get over these issues?Come find out the answers to these...

Hostel Management wants your opinion

If you are a hostel owner or manager who is frustrated by the solutions currently available to accept direct bookings on your website, we’d like to hear from you.   Hostel Management has been developing an affordable and highly customizable booking engine to help hostels receive more...

Grampas Hostel sign in Wroclaw Poland

Join us for the Hostel Management Unconference in Wroclaw, Poland!  Take advantage of this opportunity to network with fellow hostel owners and managers and discuss the issues that matter the most to all of us.  Share your own knowledge and learn from the experience of others. Who:...

Fauzi Azar Inn

Join us for the Hostel Management Unconference in Nazareth, Israel!  We’ll spend two and a half days networking with other hostel operators and sharing our collective knowledge and experiences about all the issues that are most interesting for the group.   Who: This event is open to...

HostelSkills Conference Logo

The third installment of the HostelSkills Conference is rapidly approaching.  The next event will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 30-31 March, 2017!From the HostelSkills website:[quote] HostelSkills Conference events offer unique and carefully crafted opportunities to learn all the...

Picture of a computer with money and many people

This discussion was streamed live Friday, March 3rd at 07:00 UTC, and is recorded below. It was full of tons of useful info- huge thank you to our panelists!By now you've probably heard of crowdfunding, the process of collectively raising money for a certain cause or project. There are numerous...

There is the old way of doing things, and the new way of doing things.

Another year has flown by. For many hostels in the northern hemisphere, January represents the low season with colder temperatures, fewer guests, and the chance to relax a little. Yet even hostels can’t escape the pull of cliches like “New Year, new you!” From starting major renovations to...

Black Sheep Hostel Sitting Room

Following an established tradition, we will be holding an informal HostelManagement.com Meet-Up in Killarney, Ireland at the end of January 2017!When: – Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 January, 2017Where: – The Black Sheep Hostel Killarney, IrelandWho: – Any member of the HostelManagement.com community...

Picture of wrists tied together for human trafficking

A girl checks in with an older man while averting eye contact with the receptionist. A guest at the hostel bar doesn’t seem to know basic information like what city she’s in. One guy seems to answer for another when he’s asked questions. Are these just weird guests, or a sign of a bigger problem?...

Backpackers from around the world hanging out

There are probably as many reasons for travel as there are excuses as to why you can’t go to your in-laws for dinner next weekend. The same goes for reasons why some of us devote our life’s work to encouraging and facilitating travel. However, I’d like to think that at the core of it, we are all...

Boy with smartphone and several functions

With technology changing the way we do nearly everything, from buying groceries to finding a life partner, there’s been both trepidation and anticipation to see how it would influence budget travel. Using an app to find something or get a travel tip doesn’t necessarily seem to fit in with the...