• Fauzi Azar Inn courtyard in Israel
    November Unconference, Nazareth, Israel

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MY CHIC HOSTEL.COMTHE FIRST ONLINE BOOKING SITE SPECIALIZED IN LUXURY HOSTELSLong considered as the poor sector of hotel and tourism, the hostels industry is experiencing a profound change. It’s in this movementthat mychichostel.com falls within, the first site for the booking of luxury hostels.A...

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There are many hostel lovers who fantasize about owning one themselves, though few will ever try. Owning a hostel involves a lot of work, and although they can be lucrative when successful, there are probably easier ways to get rich. The time and effort required to own a great hostel are, and...

A privacy door tag hanging from a hostel room

During our Hostelling Across America Road Trip, Byron Bunda and I encountered many hostels that were increasing their private room selection. Many owners said they had noticed an increased demand for these rooms, especially from couples and groups of friends. Upon further examination, it turns out...

Spam with a cancel circle over it.

We have been getting complaints recently from many of our members about spammers who are now using the HostelManagement.com internal messaging system to send spam. We regret the inconvenience these spammers have caused to our members and want to let you know the steps we have taken to deal with...

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How many times have you opened up your computer to do something legitimate and suddenly found yourself on Facebook to just check it quickly? Even more relatable I'm sure: how many times has ‘quickly’ turned into a half hour out of nowhere? Even those of us with the best self-control can find...

Ana Svanidze Fabrika Hostel & Suites / Manager

This month’s Member Spotlight is showcasing Ana Svanidze and the truly amazing hostel she manages, Fabrika Hostel & Suites in Tbilisi, Georgia. Between the history, art & design, and multiple collaborative concepts incorporated into a hostel, I was blown away when I first stumbled upon this...

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With thousands of hostels using all different systems to manage their hostels, ranging from high-end PMS systems to old school paper & pencil, there are a wide variety of opinions. Not only on which system works best in general, but also factors like what aspects are most important and how...

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It's hard enough to keep up with our own lives let alone babysitting or following up with dozens of other people. Paper to do lists are great, but how many times have you sent an email requesting information or progress on a project involving someone else, and not heard back from them? How many...

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There are 3 types of apps that can help keep a hostel manager’s sanity to a reasonable level, and the first of those is automation. If you can ever stop doing a task more than once, you should. No one wants to do the same task over and over, and for me this includes typing. Maybe you’re in the...

Artists rendition of The Sill at Hadrian's Wall Hostel in Northumberland

HostelManagement.com received work that YHA is opening a new flagship Youth Hostel in Northumberland National Park.  They have just started taking bookings ahead of its opening in late July this year.YHA The Sill at Hadrian’s Wall will provide accommodation for 86 guests across 26 bedrooms,...

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There’s a frequent feeling among hostel managers that you can never get it all done and there never seems to be enough time to try. While those realities may never change, the stress they cause can certainly be alleviated with some helpful tools. While some owners or managers may be super into tech...

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Sarah Weingust is alone in her last-minute AirBnB, wedging the leather desk chair under the lockless door handle to keep out her less-than-savory host, just in case, thinking, “There must be a better way.” After swapping similar travel stories with her friend and now-business partner Meir Razzon...