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Hello ladies, *Start Immediately*

We are looking for females at least 23 years old who are super social to be our social director. Talk to guests, drink with them and go out to bars and clubs will be your main jobs with some light housework as they come up i.e. see a small job and do it!

Must speak at least basic Spanish. German speaking countries, South American and British girls preferred.

We have 52 beds but have a small, community vibe. We are known to be super social and party hard! Here are some pics from our FB page:

Here are the reviews of past people who have worked here on helpx.net

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Helper: Petter Danielsson Profile: click here
From: Sweden Date: March 25, 2013
Im the guy reclining in the far corner of the pool picture. i was there for 6 weeks and i can really recommend it. work was easy, just a couple hours per day, and the rest of the time was spent socializing and drinking. i had the freedom to go travelling for a few days when i wanted to and generally organize my own schedule. the places has a cool vibe and ull meet a lot of people
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Helper: Paul Bibron Profile: click here
From: France Date: March 15, 2013
I worked in the hostel for 5 weeks. I had a great time in Veracruz with the best night clubs and the Carnival.
The work wasn't hard at all and I had a lot of free time whenever I wanted.
I made good friends and met a lot of backpackers. I must say I was there a the early beginning. The hostel wasn't that busy except for Carnival. But it was good because I knew all the guests. It was like a little community.
It's to bad there was no other volunteers at the same time but I guess it not the case anymore.
This is gonna be the best hostel in Mexico soon !




Job first posted: 02 May 2013