Graphic Design Intern Wanted


We are currently accepting applications for internships for graphic design at our Bucharest Location, with a flexible schedule of 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. We are looking for someone to start ASAP. The duration of the position is extremely flexible, but we are looking for a commitment of at least two months. The internship is not paid, but you will get free accommodation, food budget, and other extras, the same as any of our volunteers. We are calling this an internship rather than volunteer because we want people who are serious about their abilities and seek a career and build a portfolio.

Work during the internship would involve designing, editing and publishing communication material for all of our locations which include but not limited to business cards, brochures, posters, online banners and other graphics. Your work will be used in all our locations, website, and media including online and print.

willingness to learn and improve
general knowledge of ms office or google docs, adobe photoshop, illustrator, and some video editing software.
very good Internet skills. WordPress experience is a bonus
strong organizational skills
good time management
excellent knowledge of English. Other languages are a bonus

Expect to learn valuable time management skills and improve on your graphic design abilities. You can use any of the work you complete towards your portfolio. We can easily write evaluations for your progress. You do not need your own computer, however preference will be given to those with it.

Please note: Experienced professional graphic designers will be considered as well, but as a volunteer given you can commit. Compensation is still the same but work will then be done on a project basis which should take you less time. This position could be taken by a freelance world traveler looking to reside for a bit in one of Europe's cheapest cities.

To apply, please write in English to bucharestmanager(AT) with up to 500 words about why you think you are perfect for the job along with an copy of your CV.X Hostel™ has 6 locations:
X Hostel Varna – Sea & Party, Bulgaria
X Hostel Alicante – Sun & Sea, Spain
X Hostel Bucharest – Central Luxury, Romania
X Hostel Tallinn – Coziness, Estonia
X Hostel Budapest – Chill Out, Hungary
X Hostel Malaga – Picasso’s Hangout, Spain

We are sociable Hostels where everyone gets involved in the fun, either chilling on the beach, walking in the city or going wild in the night.

Our Mission:

Making sure everyone has an incredible experience in the hostel, city, with the staff, management and other guests.
We break the ice for you and organize common events that make you forget your plans of leaving every time someone refers to the hostel as home, get tattooed, asks to stay longer we understand that we are not selling beds, we are giving much more: our energy, friendship and true passion!


The only award no other hostel has is what makes us unique, we don’t need medals, or a piece of paper on a wall: we have over 120 people permanently tattooed with an “X”!!


Insane amounts of Fun, great Friendships, Legendary nights out, massive Hangovers and broader idea of personal Freedom…




Job first posted: 05 August 2013