Hostel in Belfast looking for 2 people to manage

60 Bed hostel in belfast looking for 2 seperate individuals(no couples or friends) to manage my hostel in belfast
as mentioned its a 60 bed hostel with food permission so we do a hot breakfast and dinners(all simple)

I am looking for two people to share the responsibility(so you dont work all the time) To run the hostel and keep the reviews high.

Hostel is run using volenteers mostly. We pay them £50 a week for food as its easier than cooking for them. They work 3 long shifts a week with 4 days off or 6 3 hour shifts a week. up to them but 99% pick the 3 day option.

You will get £150 a week and share a room with the other guy/girl running the hostel.
if youyr interested email me on

[email protected]

preffebly looking for people that can start asap. Must have hostel experience and reverenses oat hostel. When applying mention the hostels you worked at and any relevant experience. I use backpackonline

No point replying to my post.
email me at
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Job first posted: 17 August 2013