Hostel jobs available in Athens starting 1st September - recruiting fall season

Jobs available, apply now!
Needed now: Kitchen help & cleaning, bed making, breakfast serving;
Training now for further job preparation: evening bar & night reception; f&b preparation.

Jobs available on a paid basis for Eu passport holders, or on a work exchange basis open to everyone. Previous housekeeping and/or hostel work experience needed with reference.

You will be working part time: 4 times a week x approx 6 hours making beds, serving breakfast and cleaning after breakfast. In exchange you will be our guest for free. You will have all guests priviledges (a guest bed in a dorm for free, breakfast and use of all hostel facilities such as internet, common kitchen etc.) PLUS all staff priviledges (half price on all our food every day, no stop 2 x 1 beers at the bar).

Paid work:
25 euro per shift.

Paid work with bed:
2 shifts in exchange of accommodation plus 2 or 3 paid shifts where needed.

Send cv including age/nationality & picture to [email protected].
Flexibility & smile essential.

If you are very good you could apply for a long term paid job at our hostel or one of the other famous hostels in Europe ( after your work exchange month as you will alread have a reference and would be preferred to other candidates (depending on availability of jobs and requirements).

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"At nyght was come into that hostelrye
Wel nyne and twenty in a companye,
Of sondry folk, by aventure yfalle
In felaweshipe, and pilgrims were they alle..."




Job first posted: 21 August 2013