Hostel Manager in city center Amsterdam (awesome boat hostels)

Hey All,

We are looking for a EU passport holder to manage and lead the team of our boat hostels in Amsterdam City Center as a front line leader, leading by example.

Your main task is to both work, show leadership by example and assure by means of coordinating with volunteers and other staff the A to Z of our hostel boat operations in the city center of Amsterdam.

You will be working in, as also leading our hostel and shall both do, as also coordinate all:

- housekeeping
- laundry
- reception
- breakfast
- bike rental
- guest services

We need someone that loves to work and is not afraid to have a good time. We need a delivery driven person, not a "manager" but someone that likes to work the work him/herself. You shall be good with some (basic) reporting (can be taught), have leadership responsibilities meaning to keep the team together and inspired. We need someone committed and serious, not just for a few weeks or months but ideally much longer.

We offer a small but free room on the boat, a cycle, free wifi, free drinks, free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Work shall start soonest, but we are somewhat flexible. The work is 6 days a week and not 9-5, but than you will live for free right in the city of Amsterdam besides a good salary.

The work is 6 hours a day, if you work more hours we could discuss extra pay.

We also have a cool dog who is just super friendly only and is happy to get to know you! :)

Please contact the owner via whatsapp on +31641122844



Paid Hostel Staff
Hostel Manager


Oosterdok, 1011 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Job first posted: 14 April 2022
Updated: 14 April 2022