Hostel Manager Needed, Paid Position in Costa Rica

Castle Tam Hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica is in need of a manager. After over a year of loyal service my current manager is buying his own hostel in Nicaragua. My girlfriend is Dutch and in the Fall of 2013 she will be working on a Master’s Degree somewhere in Europe and I will be going with her. As such, I need someone I can trust to run the hostel in my absence. This will be a paying job eventually but since I will still be around until the middle of 2013 I will be performing both owner and manager duties. The faster you learn how to run a hostel and familiarize yourself with Costa Rica the quicker you will get paid. Also, the more knowledgeable you are will determine how much you receive. In addition to pay, you would have a permanent, private room within the hostel and you must live on site. I am looking for someone possessing the following skills and traits. I need someone who is trustworthy because you will be handling money, my money, and anyone who I cannot trust will not be given the opportunity to steal from me. You must speak Spanish on an almost fluent level. You must be able to be polite to guests but unafraid to crack skulls if the situation calls for it. While there will not be a lot of construction happening an ability to facilitate minor repairs is also a must. I do not mind partying and having a drink with guests but if you are prone to getting piss drunk to the point of vomiting or tend to drink at all hours of the day please do not contact me. I will figure this out quickly. I am looking for someone to begin soon so he or she can learn as much as possible from me before I depart. I would also need someone to stay until at a minimum until January 2014 but the longer the better. I will show preference to someone who has real hostel experience, that is, not someone who worked for one month changing out sheets in exchange for a free stay. I want someone who knows about the inner workings of a hostel, not just folding laundry and checking in guests. I also would like someone who eventually would like to have a hostel of his or her own. This is the second time a former staff member has gone on to acquire a hostel and I would like to keep up the trend. If you are interested please email me at [email protected] In the subject line write “Castle Tam Management Position”. Attach your CV with a passport sized photo. We can then set up a Skype call.




Job first posted: 16 December 2012