Hostel partner needed!

Hello everyone;

I'm a 23 years old Spanish guy with a degree in Tourism and experience in different sectors of the touristic industry, specialized in e-commerce.
I know a hostel in the north of Spain, near France and the surf spots of this area, in the center of Bilbao. The hostel has not yet been opened, but it is all done, just need to be managed.
The actual owners want to sell because they have personal problems and can not manage them, for this they sell the hostel for 60,000 € + 1600 € to rent the house. But they offered to me to don't pay the amount yet, pay only when will work properly. The problem that I have that I can't afford for the renting and the fix cost (as a worker), then if someone wants to be my partner in this adventure could be welcome.

To contact me: [email protected]





Job first posted: 02 August 2010