Looking for a new team in Honduras

Our hostel / hotel is currently closed for rainy season for the first time and we’re thinking about reopening January – Feb. In March it will be 9 years of operation. Previously we were running with the owner, a friend, locals occasionally and mostly foreign travellers helping out for usually 1 - 4 months at a time. The ‘volunteers’ as we call them are hit and miss; we’ve had some really great people and we’ve also had a lot of people that just came to party and not so good at the work part. 2010 was more good than bad so hopefully 2011 will be even better. The owner wants to step away and do other things in other places so a good team is essential, especially the day to day management. Would be an absolute bonus if at least one person was able to take over the kitchen and keep up the high standards of hygiene and food quality. That’s the most problematic part. The second (often difficult) part is managing the staff; keeping people happy but keeping things running properly at the same time. It is very much a hands on place, where everyone does a bit of everything. We will ‘break you in’ and get back up and running with you before letting you loose on your own. (You’ll always have someone on the end of an email if nothing else). End of April this year is Semana Santa or Easter week where everyone goes crazy and hits the beach in central America. Everyone works like crazy for a week and then things go real quiet in May so recovery time is close by. Take a look at the website: www.casakiwi.com
Drop me a line with some info on yourself and where you think you’ll fit in best and I’ll send you more info on ‘daily life’ and we’ll take it from there.




Job first posted: 10 December 2010