Seeking 6 month manager at the Hostel in the Forest 501c3 in Brunswick, GA USA

Now hiring for Fall/winter Operations Manager at the Hostel in the Forest.

The Hostel in the Forest, a 501©(3) Non-Profit membership organization located in Brunswick, Georgia, USA, is a center which promotes and teaches environmental sustainability, while also serving as a spiritual retreat, and hostel for international and domestic travelers. It teaches a hands-on approach to a sustainable lifestyle through activities such as alternative building and organic gardening while complementing the processes of nature. While the Hostel is not dedicated to any particular religion or denomination, its educational programs and services are designed to integrate the ecological, social, spiritual, economic and emotional aspects of the human condition.

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The manager is responsible for organizing a staff of 5 people and overseeing daily operations at the hostel. These duties include but are not limited to accounting, property maintenance, gardening, and hospitality chores in addition to getting food and other supplies from town, and organizing educational workshops and retreats. The manager works in collaboration with the board of directors and an accounting manager for a term of approximately 6 months and is provided with a staff house, 3 meals a day, time off, and a weekly stipend of $150 that is negotiable based on relevant skills and experience in addition to more bonus incentives than could be listed.

While there are few requirements to be the manager, applicants must be at least 21 years of age, and have a legal drivers license. All interested parties are encouraged to apply.

Training for the position begins in early September with the official start date in late September. Training will be a minimum of 2 weeks and be conducted by the present manager, accounting manager, and board of directors.

All applicants should fill out and email the following application to [email protected] by Aug 1st 2011. If you would like to include a resume, its encouraged although not required.

Manager Application
1. Please tell us about your experience and skills in Hostel and/or Non-profit management. How many people were you managing?
What type of organization, situation, or activity? Tell us about any other aspects of the experience you would like to share.

2. Tell us about any experience or skills you may have in:
Administrative Organization
Event planning
Teaching skills
Communication skills
Computer skills
3. Tell us about your dreams, goals, and future ambitions.
4. Please give us contact information including telephone number and relationship for 2 unrelated references that will be able to comment on your relevant skills and experience.
5. Have you ever been convicted OR charged with a crime? If so, please explain.
6. Why do you want to manage the hostel in forest?
7. Tell us about a conflictual situation you've been apart of and how you dealt with it.
8. Have you been to the hostel in the forest? How often? When?
9. Have you been in a situation where you lived with your co-workers? Share with us the context of the scenario, your thoughts, interpretations, lessons, or personal philosophy about the situation.
10. What type of education do you have?
11. Tell us about your teaching/mentoring experience.
12. Have you ever attended a workshop? what was the topic?
13. Tell us about any life changing experiences or learning experiences you've had.
14. What's your favorite book and why?
15. Tell us about your life history/resume.
16. What are 3 words to describe yourself that would not be traditionally on a resume?
17. How do you spend your spare time?
18. There are many different aspects of the Hostel in the Forest. If you were chosen as the manager, what areas would you wish to focus?

Think you for your time and energy. We look forward to your application and may the forest be with you.




Job first posted: 25 June 2011