Like Surfing, like Nature, Like city too? work only 4 days a week for room and board in LIMA-PERU

Hey guys do you want an easy stay in Lima - Peru with a friendly crowd? We need someone to help us in the bar for only 4 nights per week and then you will have 3 nights free. In this way you can go to many places around Lima which are really interesting, nice and really close. If you like surfing you have lots of places around Lima or just 20 minutes from the hostel with world class waves: you can check online about them: Cerro Azul, Punta Hermosa, La Herradura, San Bartolo, etc. Aditionally you can go to many other places around which are really nice but are not known by many foreigners: Paracas (they call it Little Galapagos), Marcahuasi (a secluded Stone Forest), Lomas de Lachay (rare forest in the middle of the dessert), Canta (village with amazing views almost 4000 m above sea level just 100 km from Lima that is by the ocean), Pachacamac (dessert village with pre hispanic ruins), Pozuzo (German village dating back more than a century close to Lima in the middle of the jungle), among others.

Please shoot us an email to [email protected] if you want more info.
We have a really nice bar with good vibe. Check out our hostel at or you can find us on facebook too looking for : 1900 Backpackers Hostel.

Keep in mind Lima is in the Center of South America, so if you want to start your South American trip Lima is a good place to start. Besides that we have travelled most of it so we have good intel!

Hope to see you soon!




Job first posted: 05 August 2013