Travelling sales person- earn while you travel

So you got the gift of the gab or you really need to earn bucks along the way! Well read on; we are looking for a person who travels from hostel to hostel who can display our real hostel equipmet on their tablets. We give a generous commission for a confirmed sale sent to any destination in the world!

We are a genuine manufacturer of hostel equipment and have been approved by Hostel Management.

It's simple as this; show our products via our website on your tablet from our UK, USA, Iceland or Africa websites, contact the operator in that area and we do the rest. on a confirmed purchase we will transfer the % earned to your bank account. Of course we are a real company which has to keep clean books so an electronic reciept will be required.

Why not look at our websites to see if this fits you after all you are visiting the backpacker hostels. UK USA Iceland Africa

best of luck on your travels and have an awesome time!

Will Lewis (ESS Universal UK)
+44 3330118748
[email protected]




Job first posted: 17 February 2015