What is fair compensation for work exchange?

This question is not for hostel operators, but rather for all of the adventurous folks working their way around the world. What do you consider to be fair compensation in exchange for your work?

There have been several discussions on the Hostel Management Forum regarding unfair compensation for temporary work exchange arrangements. Most of these have been quite critical of the hostels who do not offer enough. For example:
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So from the worker’s perspective, what *is* acceptable compensation for work exchange in a hostel?

When you evaluate an offer or an opportunity, what deal are you hoping to get? What do you consider to be a fair and realistic trade?

Obviously the acceptable terms will be different based on geographic location, hours per day, days per week, duties included, etc. So you can fill in those details with whatever work you would expect to do and what compensation you would expect to receive for that work.

I think this kind of insight would be very helpful for hostel operators who work with volunteers or temporary staff to understand the expectations of their potential work force.




Job first posted: 10 February 2015