Work exchange opportunity for cook (veggie food) on the beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAXACA, MEXICO... Paradise on the Emerald Coast.

We are looking for some temporary help in the kitchen immediately. This is a work exchange position. 4-5 hours of work per day in exchange for your bed and food. Live on the beautiful beach!

Job consists of preparing vegetarian meals (from the menu, by recipe) for clients of the hostel and outside restaurant customers. Also includes cleaning the work area after a shift and preparing food for next shift, when necessary. Tips are divided between workers.

This is a typically mellow job. Certain days are busier than others. Most are laid back. Some kitchen/cooking experience IS required. Basic Spanish and English, as well.

Job is available from now until mid-May.

*This is a separate position than our other kitchen manager post. The kitchen manager would need to be a Mexican national or already be in possession of an FM2 or FM3 work visa with plenty of experience.

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Job first posted: 06 March 2013